Introducing AiClient’s New Community Feature

We’re excited to announce our latest addition: a community space. A space dedicated to inspiration and education on the world of Artificial Intelligence, which represents an addition to the app’s functionality.

Our users can now create and publish discussion threads, choosing whether to associate their nickname or contribute anonymously. It’s not just a platform to brag about AI capabilities, but to demonstrate the fascinating possibilities and diverse applications of the conversational and image-generating capabilities of AiClient-enabled AIs, stimulating creative exploration.

From chatbots to AI-generated artworks, community functionality unfolds as a rich canvas of AI use cases, helping users to learn, adapt and improve their models based on the shared experiences of a diverse community.

Néanmoins, pour ceux qui apprécient leur vie privée, ils peuvent continuer à créer des fils de discussion privés, en sachant qu’ils ne seront visibles que par eux.

Nous croyons au pouvoir de la communauté et nous sommes ravis de faciliter un espace où la collaboration, l’apprentissage et l’innovation peuvent prospérer.

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